Terms and conditions

Car Rental Terms and Conditions


Below you can find the simple and clear terms and conditions for Car Rental in Thessaloniki.


Renter’s qualiciaction

  • Has a minimum age of 22 years with a driving license issued at least one year ago for groups A, B, C, D, E, E1, J, J1. For the rest of the groups the renter must be 25 years old with a driving license issued at least three years ago.
  • Has a valid Greek, European (for E.U. countries) or International (for countries that don’t belong to E.U.) driving license.


Vehicle collection for Car Rentals in Thessaloniki

When collecting the vehicle all renters need to have:

A valid driving license.
Upon collection of the vehicle, the renter will be given a Rental Agreement which he has to read and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all services and insurances provided as well as any extra services/insurances that the renter might request with their corresponding charges.
It is very important that the renter checks and reports any existing damage on the vehicle in order to avoid any charges regarding damages caused by a previous renter.


Fuel Policy

The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when it was picked up. Otherwise, the customer will be charged with the value of the missing quantity.


Third party Insurance

  • Included in the rental price


Theft and fire Insurance

  • Included in the rental price


Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)

  • Included in the rental price

The C.D.W insurance limits the responsibility of the renter:

  • by 400€ for car groups A, B, C1
  • by 600€ for car groups D, E1, E2.
  • by 900€ for car groups J, J1

The Insurance is valid provided that the damage is not caused by violation of any traffic laws (i.e. violation of red light or STOP sign, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol etc.)


Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.)

In all our cars, full insurance can be provided without the driver’s liability covering all repair costs in the event of an accident. The above insurance is optional and you can be requested before the start of the rental. The cost of the FDW depends on the vehicle category you have chosen.


Insurance coverage does not include the following damages:

  • Violations of the Road Traffic Code (RTC),
  • Key destruction
  • Crushing of glasses, mirrors and crystals
  • Damage on the underside of the car, on the tires as well as in the interior



  • The car insurance does not cover any damage to the underside of the car and the wheels under any circumstances.
  • When the driver causes an accident under the influence of hallucinogens, narcotics or alcohol.
  • If the driver of the vehicle is not the authorized driver in the Rental Agreement
  • If the renter does not take all necessary precautions to securely park and lock the car.
  • If the car is illegally parked.
  • Damage caused as a result of driving the vehicle to an unsuitable road.


Fines & Penalties

The renter is liable for the payment of all traffic fines that may occur during the car rental


Loss or Destruction of a Key

In case of loss or destruction of the car key during the rental period, the renter will have to pay the following amounts:

  • 100.00€ -230.00€ for categories A, B, C
  • 120.00€ -250.00€ for categories D, E1, E2, J, J1,


Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation of a reservation the renter made through the website or by phone, less than 7 days before the scheduled rental date, “RENTIGO CARS” has the right to claim the amount of the deposit from the renter or to withhold the reservation deposit.


Transport by boat

It is not allowed to load the car on a boat without the written approval/consent of “RENTIGO CARS”. In case of such a rental between islands the renter has to return the car to the pick-up branch, otherwise all transportation costs will have to be covered by the renter. In case of mechanical damage or accident, the renter must transfer the vehicle to a “RENTIGO CARS”  branch on their own expense.


Rental Extension

If the renter wishes to keep the rented vehicle longer than the pre-agreed period of time, they should contact the “RENTIGO CARS” branch from where they picked-up the vehicle to note the extension on the Rental Agreement.


Payment methods

The deposit can be paid either by bank transfer, credit card, debit card. The full rental payoff can be made in cash or by credit- debit card. “RENTIGO CARS” accepts the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, Mastercard. VAT is included in the rates for all car rentals in Thessaloniki.


Pickup – Delivery of out of office hours

The pickup or delivery of a car outside of the working hours of the shop (you can check the working hours in the “contact” tab) has an additional charge of 15€.

The pickup – delivery of a car outside of the working hours of the shop (you can check the working hours in the “contact” tab) has an additional charge of 25€.


Pickup – Delivery at your choice

Car pick-up at a point of your choice has an additional charge depending on the pick-up point. Contact us to inform you about the extra cost.



In case the renter does not pick up the vehicle on the pre-agreed date and time without any prior written or telephone notice, «RENTIGO CARS” will cancel the reservation after 2 hours. «RENTIGO CARS” reserves the right to charge the renter for a one-day rental of a car of the same group as the reservation.


Car Rental Without Credit Card

Car rental without credit card does not apply for vehicles of Group C and above as well as for long term rentals. In such cases credit card is always required. Our company, if deemed necessary, reserves the right to request a credit card even for cases not described above.

By reservation of our entire rights, we have the exclusive right to:

“RENTIGO CARS” reserves the right to modify or cancel a car reservation without informing you.

“RENTIGO CARS” reserves the right to deliver other car than that of your booking according to its needs with a car of the same or higher category without incurring additional charges.

There is no selected car class in current office. Please choose another Class!